Free Online Equity Release Calculator

Our equity release calculator offers a number of calculations and takes into account several different lifetime mortgage schemes. The 3-in-1 calculator saves time when searching for calculators for different products such as lump sum roll-up, interest only, or enhanced lifetime mortgages. We do it all in one place. Each result from the calculator is defined as below:

1. Standard plan calculations show the maximum result from the roll-up schemes or a voluntary repayment lifetime mortgage. These are the most fundamental and basic of equity release products.

2. Enhanced plan calculations show those available from lifetime mortgage schemes that take into account health and lifestyle issues, including a questionnaire that shows the existence of poor health and how it may impact the maximum release available.

3. Interest only calculations show the release available from products that provide an interest-only lifetime mortgage basis that does not require proof of income or regular monthly payments but does offer the option to switch to a roll-up interest plan in the future.

Knowing the maximum amount of equity release can help homeowners make educated decisions on the best products available. It can also show all options available and what products will provide the most suitable features. Our calculator can help determine which products will provide the best equity release and provides for multiple calculations all in one place making the process even simpler.

For many homeowners, equity release is a primary tool in enjoying retirement, either by providing for the achievement of lifelong goals or dreams or through paying off debt or providing for necessary expenses. Whatever the expense, many retirees have started to use equity release as a retirement planning tool. With that said, most want to know what the maximum equity release sum is and how much they, individually, would be eligible to release from their home.

To look at the maximum equity release lump sum, an equity release calculator is needed. This allows a homeowner to see how much equity might be available to release. Once the maximum amount has been calculated, then further research can be conducted. This research can include determining the best product, most advantageous benefits and features, and which product is most suitable for each individual homeowner. We have a lifetime mortgage calculator available for use and can offer a list of results.

Each homeowner will have a different maximum amount of equity available to them, as the calculation for determining maximum release depends on several personal factors including the age of the youngest homeowner, the property valuation, the homeowner’s health records, and any outstanding mortgage debt. The minimum age for any lifetime mortgage scheme is currently 55 years old and the minimum property valuation is £70,000. To be eligible for any release at all, each homeowner must meet at least this criterion. If the homeowner does have any outstanding mortgage or secured loan, the balance will be deducted from the maximum amount available. In terms of health records, if the homeowner is in poor health or leads a particularly unhealthy lifestyle, there may be an impact on the size of the maximum lump sum available. With enhanced products, for example, a homeowner who is in poor health and has a chronic health condition or who leads a particularly unhealthy lifestyle may be able to either release more equity based on their condition or have a different interest rate. These products typically require more proof than a standard equity release product, such as proof of poor health and the completion of a health questionnaire.

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