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Many homeowners look toward their retirement years as an opportunity to follow through on lifelong goals or dreams, to travel and explore, or to spend more time with loved ones. Each of these activities comes with a price tag that often exceeds what might be saved in a savings or pension account. Retirement mortgages are often a reliable way to bridge the gap between what funds a homeowner has available to them and what they need to enjoy their retirement.

While many homeowners want their retirement to include more extravagance than their working years allowed, retirement mortgages can often be used for more practical needs and expenses as well. The funds can be used for anything including financially helping loved ones, repaying an existing mortgage that needs to be made current or paid off, or making necessary repairs on an existing property. The homeowner has complete control over how the funds are spent.

The equity release marketplace has grown to include several new features and options for homeowners which gives homeowners several choices and a method for tailoring their product to their individual needs. However, it also can make determining the best product more challenging, which is why it is so important to find an adviser that can provide the best information on every product currently available. Each of these products can have different features, interest rates and options. It is crucial to work with an adviser that can explain the differences between products in an effort to help find the best one. We have a nationwide team of equity release providers that can provide all of this information. We provide an initial consultation that is free of charge and includes specialist advice through your preferred medium of contact. We can meet via email, through live chat or over the phone. Every one of our advisers is FCA regulated and are members of the equity release council. We can help explain the benefits, features, advantages, and disadvantages of every product currently available in Northern Ireland and are happy to help in finding the most suitable product.

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